Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's WOD

Today's WOD was tough. 

Starting with the warm up.  Tire flips, push ups and mountain climbers into a hip stretch.  3 rounds.  These definitely warmed me up and I was removing my long sleeves off.  Next we had deadlifts.  I lifted 85#, 105#, 115#. 

And then came the WOD.  a heavy push press.  We did 75#.  And then we did rowing.  Keeping track of the calories for the whole WOD.  So the way the partner WOD worked, I started with the push press and she started on the rower.  Once I was done with the push press, I went to the rower and rowed until she completed the push press.  There were some push presses that lead to failure, not getting over my head.  I didn't give up though.  I rested for less than a minute and picked that barbell back up.

Though it was good to be pushed hard and heavy.  We completed in 12:07 and for a total of 125 calories on the rower. 

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