Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting back into it

Wow - a break up and a move really take it out of a person.  I'm back!!!

I've been keeping busy with work.  I have started teaching 5 days a week at 5:30a (hello naps during the day) and trying to add more classes to my schedule all the time.  (Bootcamp and spin teacher for hire?)  I'm getting TRX certified in June-hoping to add another class or just fun elements into my bootcamp classes.

Spinning 2-3x a week is great for my endurance.  I did a 10k race a couple of weeks ago and was not sore at all.

I'm keeping up with crossfit at 2x a week.  I'd love to up it to 3x a week but currently have a bootcamp at the same time.  Might look at the schedule to add in a Tuesday class.  Hello looking cute for summer.

I ran the San Jose 408k and had a great time.  This was also the day after I ran the NWM 10k-sync a run from the weekend.  My legs were definitely sore that following Monday.

In April, I headed down with friends to Santa Cruz to race another 10k.  I finished in an hour-which was my goal.  Not my fastest but certainly not my slowest either.

My goal is to complete 13 races for 2013...I have a warrior dash, a couple more 5ks and possibly another 10k.  And a half marathon-that I announced yesterday on the resurrected blog o mine.

I've been toying with the idea of Paleo recently-though I love beer (I'm on untappd) and the occasional indulgence of french fries.  Though I was once told 80% paleo is still better than 100% crap.  I might draw up some guidelines for myself.  I don't believe in making yourself crave/want something and torturing yourself.  I usually do good for about a month and then give in.  

That pretty much sums up my life at the current time-next time I'll dig deeper into some crossfit PRs and workouts.

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