Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Wow!  I got the job offer for teaching bootcamps.  I'll be an assistant coach to start out with and opportunities to sub for other coaches.

I'm super excited!

Today's crossfit was a good one.  Everyone knows how much I love tabata.

Deadlift – 90%x3x3 (155#)

Tabata rounds

Atlas stones (total of 28 reps)
Burpees (total of 34 reps)

Oh man.  I did an 11" atlas stone (which is about 53#).  It was interesting to do tabata without squats as I usually am doing squats with tabata.

I'm heading to bootcamp in the AM and then we're off to Memphis for the long weekend.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's add in some bootcamp

This weekend was long.  Saturday Joel had a sprint tri in Morgan Hill/San Jose and after that I had a bout.  Sunday was spent cleaning out and reorganizing the garage to put a chest freezer in place for our expected quarter of a cow that Joel ordered.  We also got tons of summer shopping done.

Then came Monday morning where I had crossfit and a teaching interview with a bootcamp.

Back squat – 90%x3x10 (123#)
This was heavy.  I made sure to get warm up sets in and breaks in between each set.

AMRAP in 5 minutes
10 burpees
10 Russian kb swings (20 kg)
I haven't done 20 kgs in a while.  And I felt it.  The last 2 times (prior to February) we've done this workout I consistently ended with 4 rounds plus 3 burpees.  And the last time we did it, we had to complete the AMRAP and then do RFT with the completed rounds from the AMRAP.  Thankfully that wasn't the case today.  My 4 rounds exhausted me.  I didn't manage the extra 3 burpees this time.

I'm interviewing with a local bootcamp company and part of the interview was running part of the class this AM.  So from crossfit I went to bootcamp mentally prepared and a little anxious.

The class was only 2 people, which was a little shocking as I was planning for at least 6.  So I showed the main coach how flexible I am and altered our workout for the two that were there.  The main focus for today was arms and shoulders so I did a lot with the dumbbells each bootcamper brings.

Here's a little snippet of the workout I ran today:

Warm up with running, push ups and squats and calf raises
Circuit rotations: single leg db press, lateral raises, bicep curls, standing hammer curl, bicep curl with plie squat and lunge twists
In between each circuit, we did cardio of burpees, squat star jumps, jump rope, high knees jogging and side shuffles. 

I taught for about 30 mins and then the main coach took over and taught the cardio section of bootcamp.  I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear how they thought it went :)  *fingers crossed*

Friday, June 22, 2012


Oh me oh my.  Crossfit was all kettlebells today.  I don't remember the last named wod I did.  Here is one I've never heard of until it was on the website last night when I checked out what I was in for at 7am on Friday.

Front squat – 83%x3x5
Press – 83%x3x5

“The Chesley”


6 Kb push press
6 each Kb rack lunge
6 double kb swing

I didn't get to use double kettlebells.  We didn't have enough of the same size for everyone to have doubles.  So I used one single (14kg) and switched hands every other round. I finished in 7 mins.  I was stunned a little that it went that quickly and I had to make sure I counted correctly.  It was tough.

I then went on to check out a local bootcamp at 9am.  It was a mix of strength and cardio circuit training.  It was a great workout and I suddenly felt like I should have paced those out a little better than back to back.  

Here's to the weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesdays are tough

So after a long weekend in Vegas and arriving home after midnight on Sunday, I didn't think to change my crossfit workout from Monday AM to Wednesday AM....needless to say that I slept through that alarm and only got in roller derby on Monday.

Today, however, I was ready for crossfit.  I might wake up sleepy and be slow moving but once I'm there, I'm ready to lift and knock out whatever exercise that is prescribed for the day.

Deadlift – 88%x3x3 (103#)  I went a little light-I have a game coming up and wanted to make sure my form was very good to not have a sore back.

Ring dips – 3x7 


6 DB (hang power) clean & jerk (I did 20# db in each hand)
6 pull-ups

This workout was tough.  I finished in 7:28. I'm new to the dumbbell clean & jerk and need way more practice on the jerk part.  I think I was mixing some sort of push press in with a jerk.  The coach kept correcting me and I think out of 30 reps, I got 10 right.  Though coach did say my clean was really good.  So I patted myself on the back for that one :)

Tonight is the last practice before our game.  I'm hoping we scrimmage to get a few kinks out before Saturday. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pinterest, slow cooker and dessert oh my!

I am obsessed with using my slow cooker.  I want to use it for everything.  And through this pin I found-I made a dessert with my slow cooker. I find making dinner in the slow cooker yields plenty of left overs for Joel and I.  And with desserts, I can always send them with Joel to share with co-workers or take them on our Tahoe trip and hope that everyone enjoys them after a day on the mountain.

Chocolate covered peanut clusters were really easy to make.  I was out running errands one day and decided to make it.  I was at Target and not a regular grocery store so my ingredients didn't match the original recipe.  Though I feel it turned out just as great.


1 jar of dry roasted peanuts salted
2 packages of premier white chips
1 package of milk chocolate chips
1 package of peanut butter chips
1 package of ghirardelli chocolate

And here's what it looked like after I layered the chocolates with the peanuts.  I cooked it on LOW for 3:30.  

I read on another recipe that you should check it after 2 hours and here's what it looked like.

And then I let it sit for 20 mins after turning the heat off after 3:30 and I went to town scooping out the clusters onto wax paper.

This was the part I was worried about-as the original instructions were just scoop out.  I didn't know what to use or how big to make them.  As soon as I got going on the first couple I was able to gauge how big to make them.   I used regular table spoons for scooping.

And here's a close up shot of them-while letting them cool

After letting them cool for 4 hours I decided it was time to taste one and put them in containers for Tahoe and another container for Joel to bring to his co workers.  They were great!

I've made this several times since then and have heard that it's a little too chocolatey.  Next time, I'll add in more peanuts and maybe half a bag less of chips.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Warm Up 1000m row!?!

Since I'm heading to Vegas tomorrow night, I headed to crossfit this AM.  They usually post the workout sometime the day before and I'm good about checking it so I know what is in store for me.  I didn't check it pre dinner last night until I got to the box today.

Deadlift – 75%x3x1

200m farmers carry
row 500m

Once I did view it this morning when my alarm went off way to early and I was sleepily getting dressed, and I thought not too bad.  I don't like the farmers carry but it's only 200m.  

Well class started and I was promptly told we'd warm up with a 1000m row.  WTF!?!?!  Who warms up with that.  We were told to view watts and meters and the coach would call out different watts to hit and maintain.  I was dreading this 1000m row.  I couldn't believe we were doing this.

About 8 mins later we were done.  It went very quickly-I was focused on those watts and noticed the meters just inching down.   I have no idea what the real time was but it was a great warm up for our muscles and I was actually glad I did it.

Now back to the actual workout posted:

Deadlift – 75%x3x1 (150#)

200m farmers carry (16kg each hand)
row 500m

I was done in 4:50.  Pretty impressed that I didn't put down the kb while on the farmers carry.  I struggled a little and just held my shoulders higher and more open.  The row kicked my butt.  I went all out and didn't stop until it past the 500 mark.  

I was exhausted.  Later, I'm attending a 30 min run prior to a strategy session (for our next game) for derby tonight.  Since our rink is being resurfaced, we can't skate or scrimmage tonight.  My favorite day for derby is usually Wednesday since we scrimmage those nights.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Double Mondays!

Usually we have an off skates workout in addition to an hour on skates every Monday.  Our rink is currently resurfacing their floor so we had to take our endurance practice to a gym.  We had lots of choices to pick from : agility ladders, circuit training, cardio room, 2 mile run and swimming for 3 separate sessions.

I chose agility ladders first.  The room felt like a bikram room so that made me sweat right off the bat.  We did lots of hopping and balancing for about 30 minutes.

Next up was circuit training that included jump squats, kettlebell swings, jump lunges, box jumps, mountain climbers, plank, pull up with TRX, sit ups on the balance ball, and burpees.  We went for a minute on with a 15 sec in between to change stations.  We went through the circuit 1.5 times.  Those push ups in the burpee really are tough but so worth it.

Lastly I chose the cardio room to run for 30 minutes.  I started with an interval since I find running on a treadmill incredibly boring.  I start with 1:30 running 8:34 pace, 1 min walking for about 15 mins and then ran 10 mins at an 9:04 pace.  I felt great for running finally.  I haven't really ran for about 3 weeks and with my half marathon coming up in August I need to get moving.

Yay for double workouts on Monday!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh Mondays

I can't believe how hard this workout was today.  It didn't sound that hard.

Back squat – 75%x3x6 (103#)

20 Overhead walking lunge (25lbs)
25 Push-ups
20 Single-arm kettlebell swings (12kg)

The push ups were super tough after holding the weight overhead.  And I'm surprised I was able to get through it all without stopping for water.  I finished with a time of 9:25.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A week without crossfit

Last Thursday Joel and I headed to Memphis for a bat mitzvah.  We came back on Sunday around midnight which meant there was no early alarm for me to get to crossfit.  I didn't do any workouts while gone, the days were centered around the various parties and services.  The most I got in were the lifting of 20 12 packs about 200 meter walk each trip.
I also started to feel sick on the flight home so I knew I needed rest.  I did go to endurance practice on Monday night which was great.  A 30 minute pace line always makes me wish I had eaten a little better while in TN.

The rest of the week at night is to get our grill and house ready for our crawfish boil on Saturday.  So Tuesday night was kegging beer and putting on some small touches.  Along with hanging siding on the grill.  It's so close to being done.  Can't wait.

I went to bed feeling like I was swallowing razors-so awful.  I set my alarm for 6:10am to get to the 7am crossfit class.  I woke up a few times through the night and tried to convince myself I needed rest though knowing I had already missed a week of crossfit, I was ready to go back.  I took lots of water with me and an emergen c. 

I was so happy I went, the workout felt great.  I lightened up on the weights a little to not over do it.

Deadlift – 88%x3x3 (I made it up to 103# for this)

20 Walking lunges, db loaded (20# in each hand)
Run 200m
15 DB clean, same weight as lunge

My total time was 8:55.  I'm surprised I went that fast.  We haven't really done much cleans with dumbbells so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I knew the walking lunges would be easy and send me on the run early on.  I'm happy with my time.  

And now to rest my muscles for hanging more siding and scrimmage night at practice tonight.