Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's WOD

I look forward to Tuesdays.  It's the Women's Only WOD at my crossfit and I have a lunchtime bootcamp that I teach right after.

I wanted to make chili so I set my alarm a little earlier to brown the beef and put it in the slow cooker.  I  knew it would be ready by lunchtime and it's great for leftovers.

Today's workout was a good one.

The warm up was a good one.  I've just started doing these walk walks and man, they are tough.

My 1RM for backsquat is 201 so my lifts were 90#, 100# and 120#.  It's a deload week and it was heavy enough to get through those 5 at the end.

And the WOD.  My lower back has been hurting and I think I've been compensating in deadlifts so I asked to use a lower weight.  So I did the WOD with 115#.  The 3 minutes of rest was so welcome.  After the first round, it was just enough rest.  Though between round 2 and 3, I think it was too long.  The run first was killer for those burpees at the end.  My final time was 17:36.

I then headed to teach bootcamp.  It's outdoors and near the water in South San Francisco.  It's a 45 minute class and it's great.  I decided during crossfit that I was going to do a plank a day.  We sometimes do a plank in our warm up and we did today. Though since I was feeling good (must have been those endorphins) I decided to do a plank with my class.  So day 1, I did 2 planks each 1 min long. #plankaday

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