Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New PR's

I'm loving my new schedule.  Not only am I going to crossfit consistently 2x a week, I'm spinning 2-3x a week.  Getting the cardio in.

Adding in bootcamp, where I'm squatting or doing core every day I'd say that I'm in a good place.

A couple weeks ago, my crossfit box tested our 1 rep maxes again.

I managed to get a 1rm snatch of 75#.  And 1rm floor press of 115#.  All in the same day.

The next workout I got a 1rm jerk of 120#.  And 1rm deadlift of 205#.  I went up 20# in my deadlift.

I haven't tested my front squat in forever.  And since I don't go on Monday or Tuesday, I'm missing out on back squats.

I administered a fit test in bootcamp today and this got me thinking about benchmark tests.  And I wanted to post my newest benchmarks.

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