Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend workouts

For my friend's birthday, we headed to a hotel in San Jose and hung out by the pool and walked around downtown for drinks and noms.

In between drinking both days, we managed to fit in a great workout.  Saturday was her birthday so among everything else we did 33 burpees.  And the deck of death.  Have you heard of this?  Each suit represents an exercise, you shuffle and draw one card at a time and the number corresponds with the rep number.

We did plank tucks, sit ups, squat jacks and cross countries.  We use ankle bands for all exercises.

After that, I did Roxanne with them.  Love holding plank and doing push ups for over 3 minutes.  What a burner.

We did some lateral squat walks and wall sits with one leg up.  It was a great workout.

On Sunday, we were up early again and headed out for a run. No one had a mile tracker but we ran about 2.5 miles for about 35 minutes.

Weekend workouts make you feel good.  Though my body is feeling it as I usually have Sunday as a rest day.  Tonight I have spinning and I'm hoping to run tomorrow too.

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