Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I learned from our Maui trip

We just got back from Maui.  And I had a great time.  We snorkeled multiple mornings, hung out on the beach, played games, went to numerous beaches, had a water gun fight, ate at great restaurants and of course, was told to "quiet down" at the Serenity Pool, you know the one with the swim up bar.

I did learn a few things from this trip:

Always make sure you charge your camera equipment prior to packing and leaving for your trip. We didn't do this and were stuck on the morning we were leaving as we didn't know where our charger was.  Thus, we didn't charge our camera the whole trip.  Only took it out once.  We talked many times of going to a camera store but once we were on the beach, we didn't leave.

Plan some things ahead of time.  I enjoyed laying out every day.  It was very relaxing.  Though, this is the first vacation that was not go. go. go.  I would have booked one more activity to do.  And planned our off time a little more efficiently.

Be realistic about your outfits.  I overpacked.  I'm a girl and know this isn't a huge deal though I had a very large bag and didn't wear half of the clothes I packed.  I packed shorts for daytime activities, and dresses, jeans for nighttime activities.  I wore one pair of jeans.  And one pair of shorts.  I didn't bring enough dresses for each night.  I had no idea what I was thinking when I packed. 

Plan and follow through on workouts on vacation.  I brought workout clothes.  Multiple ones.  (see point above).  Once we got to the resort, I noticed their activities schedule and it had workouts all morning.  Spin.  Yoga.  Outdoor treadmills.  I did none of this.  I didn't make it a priority.

I learned quite a few things on this trip.  Mainly plan ahead.  Follow through.  And make a list.  I am quite proud to say at almost every meal Joel and I split an appetizer and an entree.  Though we didn't save many calories as we had quite a few drinks each day.

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