Sunday, February 10, 2013

WOD catch up

I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  If I'm not teaching a class, I'm programming for another or I'm working out myself.  Or I'm looking for an apartment.  Or cultivating friendships b/c at a time like this, all you need is your friends.

It's so hard to put into words how some things make you feel.  The mere thought of burpees makes me cringe and then seeing it on a WOD at crossfit really makes me not feel so well.  I know how great burpees are for you.  I get it.  They are not fun though.  I know I program burpees into workouts-they are great full body workouts.  You can't go wrong with them.

I'm about 2 weeks behind on my workouts.  So without further ado, here are the last two weeks of workouts.

Another great workout.  I am so bad at pull ups that I was sore for days.  My weights for the olympic lifts were 65#, 75#, 85#, 75#, and 75#.  I realized quickly that the 85# wasn't a smooth transition for me and I wanted to work on form.  I finished the WOD in 8:49.
This was a great workout.  We didn't keep time as we had a lot of girls using 2 tires.  I couldn't believe how much this hurt even with taking a rest to make sure we were all on the same round.  My cleans were 65#, 85# and 90#.

A 7 minute WOD was no joke. I got to the round with 12 reps but only 9 pull ups.  The strength portion of that day was modified to 5 sets of 10 chin ups.  My lats were sore for days.  Still are!
Such a great Friday workout.  I did 135# on all 5 sets of deadlifts.  It was heavy enough that I wanted to take weight off but coach told me to push through.  And I'm so glad I stuck with it.  The WOD was killer.  We had a head wind on the 2nd part of the 400m.  I finished in 14:11.

This past week, we switched from Tu/Fr class schedule to a MWF class schedule.  I teach on Mondays, so I'll be going every Wednesday and Friday.  However, I have a spin class 30 mins after the end of my crossfit class.  It was an interesting transition to go from lifting and sweating to pedaling and more sweating.  I know that I can program less standing on the bike as my legs are normally shot from crossfit.  Wednesday was no exception.  Though I'll see what results I start getting from these 2 a days.

Now that it seems to be getting warmer, I've got to start incorporating some running into the mix.  I have a hunch I'll be signing up for some more events in the near future.  Stay tuned...

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