Friday, May 18, 2012

Today's WOD-tabata

I love tabatas.  They make me feel so strong.  For those of you that don't know what tabata are, here's the definition from :
For twenty seconds do as many reps of the assigned exercise as you can - then rest 10 seconds.
Repeat this seven more times for a total of 8 intervals, 4 minutes total exercise.
The score is the least number of reps for any of the eight intervals.

Here is what was scheduled for today:

Front squat – 75%x3x5 (my current one rep max is 123lbs...I think it's almost time to retest)
Press – 75%x3x5 (I didn't get to this strength movement)

Tabata rounds:

front squat @ 33% 


I forgot to count like I should during these.  I rowed first since we had more people than rowers.  I felt good....watching the time fall as you take more strokes is a great feeling.  I think I got almost to 700m during the 8 rounds.

Push ups were a little tough today as my right hand is a little swollen.  I managed 3-4 real push ups each round and stayed in the plank position the rest of the time.

Front squats were good...the weight was perfect (especially with my game coming up tomorrow).  I think I managed like 6-7 per round.  

Overall the workout felt great.  I always manage to work up a sweat no matter how long or short these WODs are.  

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