Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rowing, squats, and burpees oh my

Monday came and went with lots of work on the grill and 7 hours in the sun.  Long day.  After 3 days this weekend being in the sun and outside I have tons of sunburn/tan lines (even with applying sunscreen3-4x each day)

However, I did sneak in a crossfit workout at 8am.

Back squat – 85%x3x10 (113#)
-I'm working really hard on being stable and not bouncing into my squats.  I think too much tabata and derby has my mind all over the place during weight lifting squats.

Row 2k 9:00

-My last time recorded on the board was 9:11.  I was determined to beat this.  So the coach and I talked about splits for each 500m for a 9:08 finish.   Those splits really helped me focus on something other than the meters counting down.  And surprisingly I had tons of energy at the end to really push it the last 500m.

And since we're heading out of town tomorrow I went to crossfit this morning at 7am (OMG that's early).

Deadlift – 85%x3x3 (I didn't get to my 85%-I lifted 133#)

AMRAP in 7 minutes
5 pull-ups (blue band)
10 burpees

This was a great workout.  I finished 6 complete rounds.  Burpees are no fun but they are such a sweat producer and a great arm workout.   We did do 4 minutes of ab planks and L sits after this workout which is just what is needed as swim suit season is around the corner.

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