Thursday, February 16, 2012

Check In-Friends Photo Challenge

I have loved the Friends Photo Challenge.  It is totally unique as there is only one highlighted word and it's all your own.

The one with all the COFFEE
Everyone knows redbull is my coffee and that day I added a little Go Girl to the mix

The one with Monica's BOOTS
This should come as a surprise to no one-I love my boots

The one with the FLASHBACK
I happened to be packing up my stuffed animals and realized it was perfect for this

The one with the tiny TSHIRT
So it's not tiny-I was finished laundry

The one with the FOOTBALL
Ah-Superbowl-here's a photo of the game I picked up to play 

The one with the TRIPLETS
This one was a little tricky-so I decided to pick up the jello shot syringes

The one with Chandler in a BOX
New skates in a!

The one with Joey's Bag
It's my fave purse

The one with the INVITATION
An invitation to scratch-my arm was so red

The one with ALL THE CANDY
I was on a roller derby road trip and no one had candy...what's better than candy-a chocolate chip cookie

The one with the VIDEOTAPE
No VHS here, it's my way of watching video though

The one with Rachel's PHONE NUMBER
In the program from the tourney a sponsor's phone number

The one with the RING
A key ring for you

The one with the CANDY HEARTS
Naughty candy hearts 

The one with the DIRTY girl
Our laundry basket-plenty of dirty clothes for you 

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