Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Warm Up Tri

Yesterday I competed in a Warm Up tri.  By warm up, there were two categories: 200 yd swim, 10k bike and 1.5 mi run or 400 yd swim, 10k bike and a 1.5 mi run.

My main complaint with the whole tri was that our registration was altered by time and distance without much notice.  We (Joel, Aimee and I) registered for 9:10 am for the 200yd event.  When we were emailed Friday night for the wave times, I was at 8:35am for the 200yd and Joel & Aimee were at 9:10 for the 400 yd event.  It was a little frustrating as we were all looking forward to racing together and only doing the 200.

I played in the B team roller derby game on Saturday night and was home around midnight.  Knowing my race time was 8:35am I knew going to bed was important.  I'm not sure about you, when I've just worked out-sleep is usually the last thing on my mind.  I relaxed with Joel a little just chatting and then showered and got ready for bed.  The alarm at 6:20am was way too earlier.  I still had to find all my swimming supplies for this race, as I had not totally prepared for this.

Wattbike + T1=19:26
Total time=38:03

We arrive at the event and it's an outdoor pool, spin bike near the pool and 2 3/4 mile loops throughout the campus.  I wasn't fully prepared for the outdoor pool and just had to remind myself that the pool would be heated.  We arrived about 45 mins prior to my start time.  I got checked in, numbered and just waited.  I was able to set my bike up once the first wave started the run.

Then it was time to get in the pool.  I am not a strong swimmer.  It was warm and I had Joel and Aimee cheering me on as I swam.  I had to remind myself to slow down my legs, I kick them so much that I wear myself out unnecessarily.  I made it out of the water in 4:48.  I didn't have a ladder in my lane and wasn't thinking to swim to the ladder so I tried to pool myself out of the pool.  That took a little bit of time.  I'm sure this is only an issue in a pool tri.

Then it was time to put on my shoes and hop on the bike.  My feet slipped when trying to put them in the peddles (next time I'll bring my spin shoes and clip in) so I put them on top and just started peddling.  I didn't even grab my water with me on the bike.  I had to call Joel over to grab my bottle for me.  I think I did well on the bike.  I finished sub 19 mins on the bike-I can't remember my exact time for the bike.  Next up was the run, at the beginning of the run was 2 sets of stairs and then a slight incline to the first turn.  Luckily we had a downhill and then the rest was flat.  I didn't wear my garmin so I wasn't able to know my pace as I was running.  I did pass 2 people from my wave and just kept pushing forward.  I had some slight soreness as I went up the first hill as I haven't biked + ran in a really long time.  I was also sloshing the whole run as my feet were not dried off enough before putting my shoes on and while on a stationary bike-you don't have the wind to help dry you off.

I consider this a great time for not actually training.  I did tons of cross training and being more fit than the last time I did a triathlon July 2010.  I feel with some training in the water and transition I can kick some ass on a Sprint Tri.

The next warmup tri is March 25th and I plan on beating this time.

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