Thursday, February 9, 2012

Derby Derby Derby

Tomorrow morning we're off to Eugene for a tournament.  I'm so excited and nervous.  It's my first time playing on the A team roster (hello nerves) and it's at a tournament (hello double nerves) where I have to play 3 games (full games) in 3 days.  Luckily we are scheduled one for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If we were doubling up, I'd be extra nervous.  I'm excited to be playing with all the fabulous ladies that are going on this trip.  We're flying (instead of our original plan of driving) and we will be all derby the whole time.

I'm going to hit hard, be agile, skate slow and fast, and of course follow all the leaders on the team.  I'll lead when I see fit and we will all play our hearts out.

Next week, I'll do a recap of the weekend.  I'm reminding myself of the photo challenges to do while I'm gone.  And here's what I'll look like all weekend!

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