Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh Monday

Today is rough.  I got home around midnight and couldn't fall asleep despite how exhausted I was.  I'm beat, tired, sore and getting sick.  I knew it'd be a tough weekend.  3 games in 3 days is tough.  And not getting much sleep on Saturday wasn't ideal for the game on Sunday.  We were in the room by 10pm and I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight.  We didn't have to be at the venue until 11am and yet I was wide awake at 7am.  I prepared, made sure to drink lots of water.  Didn't drink any soda.  Had no alcohol from Thursday til Sunday night after our last game.  It was a victory beer!  I had 3 Emergen-C throughout Saturday and Sunday.
I'm drinking an Emergen-C as I type this.  I want to kick this stuffiness and congestion.  And the rain outside (yay snow in Tahoe) is making it very difficult to get motivated to clean or do laundry.
I made some soup today and am keeping it low key with the weather.  Hoping to feel better by tomorrow.

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