Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A week without crossfit

Last Thursday Joel and I headed to Memphis for a bat mitzvah.  We came back on Sunday around midnight which meant there was no early alarm for me to get to crossfit.  I didn't do any workouts while gone, the days were centered around the various parties and services.  The most I got in were the lifting of 20 12 packs about 200 meter walk each trip.
I also started to feel sick on the flight home so I knew I needed rest.  I did go to endurance practice on Monday night which was great.  A 30 minute pace line always makes me wish I had eaten a little better while in TN.

The rest of the week at night is to get our grill and house ready for our crawfish boil on Saturday.  So Tuesday night was kegging beer and putting on some small touches.  Along with hanging siding on the grill.  It's so close to being done.  Can't wait.

I went to bed feeling like I was swallowing razors-so awful.  I set my alarm for 6:10am to get to the 7am crossfit class.  I woke up a few times through the night and tried to convince myself I needed rest though knowing I had already missed a week of crossfit, I was ready to go back.  I took lots of water with me and an emergen c. 

I was so happy I went, the workout felt great.  I lightened up on the weights a little to not over do it.

Deadlift – 88%x3x3 (I made it up to 103# for this)

20 Walking lunges, db loaded (20# in each hand)
Run 200m
15 DB clean, same weight as lunge

My total time was 8:55.  I'm surprised I went that fast.  We haven't really done much cleans with dumbbells so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I knew the walking lunges would be easy and send me on the run early on.  I'm happy with my time.  

And now to rest my muscles for hanging more siding and scrimmage night at practice tonight.

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