Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cardio Wednesday

Today was all about cardio.  We teamed up with partners for some partner plank pushups and mountain climbers with resistance bands.  And there was running....with stairs.  I felt great after the 5:30am class and was prepared to teach a great class at 6:30am.  While it was a great class, the bootcampers were catching their breath the entire time-we only had 3 campers.  So I stepped in and did more planks for the partner drills.

And there were lunges.  Lunges with a power skip in between.  And yes squats.  For some reason, I thought that I might lose all the muscle memory from not skating for a month and I'm pretty sure I won't.  We did tons of drills to help with that.

Now I'm off to study for the CPT exam at the end of the month while icing my knee.  It felt a little swollen after 4 days of lunges so I'm resting and icing.

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