Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday! Let's catch up

It's been too long since I've updated here.  And it's been a little crazy so let me recap it all for you here.

*Bootcamp teaching is going really well.  I taught 3 classes this morning on my own.  Talk about being nervous.  I was very prepared (except for my watch...I have seem to have misplaced this watch.)  And I got great feedback about how my cardio is great and my resistance portions need a little work.

*Crossfit has been on the back burner and I hate it.  I haven't been since Fran.  I like going in the early AM and since I've been teaching so much, it is a little more difficult to get there in time for the 8am class.  This is changing next week though.  I've already booked my classes through the end of August.

*Derby is back in full swing.  We scrimmaged on Wednesday and I jammed at least 6x.  Being off skates for a month was very noticable and I was able to score points and work on my fast feet.  Tonight is endurance night so I'm well prepared for it.

*We had some TN visitors last week which means we were going out to eat to dinner and traveling the state.  We stopped at a few stops along the way:

-We took Joel's cousins white water rafting on class 3 & 4 rapids.  It was a blast.  The water was freezing and I didn't swim too much as I don't like the cold water.  Though going over rapids is adrenaline rushing!
-Monterey for a whale cruise and the aquarium.  MUST check out the aquarium again.  We didn't get enough time there.  The whale cruise was longer than expected as we didn't site any whales in the first 2.5 hours.  So we were out there for 4 hours.  I didn't see any whales.  I got my first bout of sea sickness and was laying down the entire time. 
-Hearst Castle is unbelievable.  We took one tour and I'd love to go back to take another.  The pools were amazing.
-We somehow convinced everyone to go to Pismo Beach and ride the dunebuggies over the sand dunes.  We had 2 4-seaters which are a little different to drive than the 1-seater or 2-seater I've driven before.  Riding in the back was a lot of fun though.
-We finally made it to Carlsbad, the site of their last hotel, and we traveled to LA and San Diego from there.  We went to American Idol LIVE at the Nokia Theatre in LA and I had a blast.  I don't watch American Idol, and I knew none of the winners.  Though I got up and danced to almost every song.  In San Diego, we went to the Safari Park Zoo and got to feed giraffes and a rhino.  It was tons of fun.  We haven't taken any of the photos off of the camera yet but when I do-I'll post them.

In the meantime, I'll post a Color Run photo.  I'll recap this race soon!

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