Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stars and Stripes 5k

A 5k in Memphis sounded like a good idea.  We come for an annual July 4th weekend party every year.  I'm training for a half marathon and the 5k seemed perfect to actually get me to run while indulging everyday in good food, good drinks and tons of party games.

As I checked the weather before packing, I got nervous.  No day under 100.  Yikes!

I prepared by running one morning in the heat and about died.  It was hot and humid and I'm not used to that. 

I knew what I was in for.  I knew I wanted to run a sub 28, Joel said I should run a sub 26.  This was going to be a challenge at 7pm after being at the pool all day.  I proceeded to eat a medium sized lunch and lots of water.

Once I got there and realized how hot it was, I knew that I had to overcome the mental obstacles to run at a steady pace.

Waiting at the start, my garmin died.  Yes I was so mad.  I was planning on pacing myself and Joel's sisters for at least the first mile.  I had only used it once since taking it off the charger.  (Might need to look into a new one).  So I opened the Nike app to pace myself.  And then we were off.  I quickly realized that pacing myself with Nike was no longer an option since the new update, it didn't give me my pace, just distance and time elapsed.

I didn't know the neighborhood so I couldn't count on that knowing where I was.  I walked through the water stations after mile marker 1 and right before mile marker 2.  It was so hot I had to walk for one minute to cool off and catch my breath.

I ended up sprinting in once I turned the corner and saw cones.  I think I sprinted too fast as I had to hold my side (side stiches galore) as I crossed the finish line.  I couldn't bring myself to slow on my way in to that finish line.

Time was 28:31 though that wasn't the time chip.  I have another 5k in San Francisco on July 14th and I'm hoping to see that sub 26 minute 5k then.

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