Friday, October 19, 2012

5k PR

The story behind my Wordless Wednesday photo.

My company was sponsoring a local 5k on Saturday I signed up the weekend before.  I just thought it would be a great excuse to actually get out and run.

I realized on Saturday morning the last time I had run was in August for the half marathon.  So I figured I'd just have fun and enjoy the run.  I knew the area well, I drive by there all the time.  Once I got there, I picked up my packet and went back to the car to drop off the race shirt.  I walked back over to the start line right before 8am when the half marathon was starting.  I got in line for the restroom and waited.  Then I heard that they were delaying the start of the half marathon since there was such a long line at the restrooms.  I was shocked.  I've never seen a race delay because of a bathroom issue.  Then I overheard a race director say the porta potties didn't show up at 7a when they were suppose to. They delayed the half marathon by 15 minutes and our 5k start time was pushed back 10 minutes.

The 5k was benefiting education, so there were tons of kids there.  All ages.  It was great to see them out there and excited for the 3 miles.  I set out in the front, to not trip or be tripped by the kids.  And I settled into a pace.  I had my garmin and my phone set to Nike Running.  After getting off the line, I realized that my garmin was set on bike mode.  Not run mode.  I'm not too familiar with changing the settings, as I don't do it that often so I ran the race in bike mode.

There was a small hill leading to a bridge and the turn around with an equal hill on the other side of the bridge.  My legs felt heavy.  The cool air made my lungs tight and it was a little hard to breathe. 

I didn't see any mile markers except for mile 1.  I'm sure there were some for the half marathon.  Once I turned around and was almost on the last stretch, I realized I would break 30 minutes again.  The first time I broke 30 minutes was in Memphis in July.  So I was happy.

Pushing it that last turn, I looked at the clock and it read 27:12.  I knew I started in the front of the pack so it had to be my time.  I was so shocked and happy.  I grabbed some fruit, water and a goody bag.  They also had chocolate milk for recovery.  I kept moving to make sure my legs didn't cramp up.  I then looked up my last 5k time which was in the 28 minute range.  I had set a new PR for myself.  WOOOT!!

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