Friday, October 5, 2012

Review-Breathe Performance Bedding

I haven't done a product review before.  However, I thought I would write one on these sheets.

Some time ago I developed really bad night sweats.  I sleep on a queen size bed with fans blowing throughout the night (no matter the season).  How my body started to sweat when I was cold, I'll never know.

I tried not drinking caffeine, wearing less clothes to bed, not having the blanket and making sure the fan was directed at me most of the time.  Nothing helped.  With regular sheets, I would wake up soaked with sweat and the sheets would be just gross.  (TMI I'm sure)

We found these sheets by Breathe Performance Bedding and decided to try them.  When I first put them on the bed I felt like they were the same material as all the race shirts we have gotten over the years.  I wasn't so sure about sleeping on that material.

I woke up the next day and wasn't really impressed by the sheets.  They were soft.  And still similar to those race shirts.  I left them on the bed to try them for a longer period of time before making up my mind.

About 2 weeks later I realized that if I did sweat throughout the night, not only were the sheets not wet, I wasn't drowning in wet clothes either.  These sheets were soft and cool when you get into bed.  I still sleep with the fan, more for the noise than the air.  And I'm not sweating as often as I used to.  I don't know if it's a change to my diet or these sheets.  I know that if I do sweat, I'm still comfortable enough to keep sleeping.

It has also been really hot here in Northern CA this week, (totally not bragging) and these have kept us cool.  We don't have AC so we welcomed these sheets as they help keep us cool when it's not cool outside.

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