Thursday, October 4, 2012

Med Balls are the devil


I went to bootcamp this morning to get in a nice cardio workout.  Little did I know, we would do everything with a med ball.

I picked up a 10 lb med ball.  We did a tabata round of V sit ups with the med ball.  Then we had 30 step ups on the bench with the med ball focusing on one leg at a time.  We also did lots of running around carrying the ball.

Having that much extra weight is tough.  I felt it in my shoulders for sure.

We also did another tabata round with lunges while holding the ball overhead with one arm.  And then, the ever popular med ball slams.  We did one arm med ball slams.  Tough!

This week I had the task of taking photos for a demo.  I focused on squat jumps.  I took these photos with a self timer.  And I had quite a few outtakes.  Check out a few

I couldn't tell you if this is me leaving the ground or coming out of the actual jump.  I did manage to get photos for our newsletter.  I had 24 photos to sort through.

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