Monday, October 8, 2012

Current thoughts on Crossfit

Everyone knows that I love crossfit.  It has skyrocketed my confidence, muscle, and self esteem.  I don't think I could give it up if I tried.

When I took this bootcamp coaching job, my schedule went from normal to all wonky.  I love working out at my box in the AM.  It's a great time for me and I loved working out with those that were there at the same time as me.  Recently my box has taken one of the AM times off the schedule and replaced it with an intro class.  I was super bummed.  That meant I had to either get up for a 6am class if I have to teach at 9am or skip that day all together.  I am schedule to go 2x a week and haven't been able to with their schedule change.

When we moved in January, I decided to keep driving to the box that we started at.  Now I'm thinking I need to find a new box with times to actually fit my schedule.  One closer to home and to my work.  Working out in the AM is very important to me.  I've emailed to other boxes closer to me about coming to check out the box before making any decisions.  I do have myself scheduled for 2 classes this week (assuming I'm not asked to sub a class).

I did make it to crossfit Friday.  Here was our workout:

Rope climb practice

AMRAP 12 min
3 rope climbs (12 ring rows)
12 db power snatches
9 handstand pushups

I dreaded going in a little.  I can't seem to figure out rope climb.  Everytime we go over it, it's for like 5 minutes and then we move on.  I tried two different ways today and my feet were just not cooperating.  Luckily we had a modification for the WOD.  I completed a total of 5 rounds.  The DB power snatches were my favorite move of this WOD.  I used 15 lb dumbbell.  And I really focused on the movements here.  I did the handstand pushups on a box with an abmat on my knees.  I'm sure I'll be feeling those tomorrow.

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