Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another box, another jump

I went to a new crossfit box on Wednesday.  And was actually a little surprised at how different this experience felt from the other two-right as I walked in.

It seemed crowded.  No one was really chatty and I looked lost.  Not only did my GPS put me in the wrong spot, I had no idea where to park or how to get to the actual front door.  I was stopped by someone else looking lost and we found it together.

We did a standard dynamic warm up and then partnered up with medicine balls.  I grabbed a 12 and found a partner.  We did chest pass, side throws and then sit ups with passing the ball as we were sitting up.  I felt my abs right away.

The one thing completely different with this box than any others, there was no olympic lifting done today.  Maybe it was because it was Wednesday or maybe that's how they run all their classes.

Our WOD was Christine.

3 rounds:
500m row
12 BW DL
21 box jumps

A few notes about this WOD.  We had over 12 people in class with only 4 rowers.  Our coach added a run if you didn't have a row machine.  I opted to run-as rowing would have taken much longer.  And BW means body weight.  You want me to deadlift my bodyweight for 3 rounds of 12 reps.  That is insane.  I ended up with 103# on my bar.  And box jumps were on the 20 inch boxes for both men and women.  I did do the 20 inch box. 

I finished in 15:50.  And couldn't stop dripping sweat afterwards.  It was a tough workout.  And by the time everyone was done, it was time to clean up and cash out.  We had 4 sets of 10 reverse hypers on the GHD machine.  After all these abs all week, I need a rest day. 

I was told this box was frequented by many of firefighters, police officers, paramedics and nurses.  So attendance is never constant.  I would miss the olympic lifting if they never do it.  I can see how you can like this box-the WODs are tough.  I'm going back to my original box on Friday.  I've already cancelled with them-though I paid through the end of the month.   I'm going to look if there are any others near me to try out before making a final decision.  Though my gut is telling me this place isn't a contender.

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