Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Box'd out

I went and checked out another crossfit box near me.  I attended the Women Only WOD.  It's the same WOD as the rest of the box just only women in the class.

There were 7 of us in class.  And after a dynamic warm up and a 400m run, we went into burpee box jumps, jump rope and scorpions/crossovers. 

The strength portion of today was a front squat.  I didn't know my actual 1 rep max so I guessed 130#.  After looking it up, I did 115 back in Sept.  I'm thinking I've retested this and just didn't write it done.  So I'm fairly close.

We did 85# for 5 reps, 105# for 5 reps and then 110# for 6 reps.  It was a great quad workout.  My quads were a little sore last night during spin so I'm sure they are loving me now.

And for the WOD

10 AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

10 box jumps
10 push ups

I completed 7 rounds with 2 jumps.  The goal of the push ups was to get your chest to the groun, arms and elbows next to your side and leading with your chest (ie no fish flopping).  I did 2 full push ups for 3 rounds and the rest were on my knees. 

And we did a cash out.  Which is usually abs.  We did 75 ab mat situps and then 5 10s hollow holds.  My abs were screaming at the end of the workout.  And it felt great.

I really enjoyed working out with all women.  We were all roughly in the same shape, with people being veterans to crossfit and others being new.  I would likely keep attending the Women's classes if I choose to attend here.  Though they are on Tuesday and Friday.  And sometimes I have to work on Fridays.  I'm sure there's another comparable class that I can take as well.

I have another box to try out tomorrow.  And I've already cancelled my current box-I have 30 days left that I've paid for. 

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