Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Color Run 5k

Now I'm sure you have all heard of this fun run.  It's just as amazing as it's advertised.

I first heard about it through Pinterest late last year.  I marked my calendar to ensure I wouldn't miss it.  In this timeframe, the date did change and then the location changed.  That still wasn't going to stop me.

The SF Color Run was at Candlestick park.  With 2 race times.  Luckily I signed up for the first one at 8am.  Yes it meant an early morning.  Yes it meant the sun wasn't quite out yet.  Yes it meant I was already on my 2nd drink by the time the 1pm crew started. And I couldn't wait to get colorful.  The color is powder and you had to remember to keep your mouth shut.  I put my phone in a plastic bag to carry the whole time.  I put my money, id and car key in a plastic bag pinned to the inside of my shorts. 

We didn't have different colors at each kilometer and I only noticed this because there was no green on the course.  Only in the bags that people were throwing after (or before) the race.  Green is my favorite color and I really wanted lots of green on my white shirt.

We were able to jog between the color stations and walk through and back through again for more color.  We even managed to sneak our hands in the color to throw on each other.

It was very easy clean up.  We brought towels and were able to wipe our skin (that hadn't sweated) off easy without water.  We used wipes on the places that had sweated.  And I didn't have any long lasting color in my hair after my shower.  The water was a nice brown/purple though while showering.  I didn't keep my shirt.  And my shorts look as if they hadn't seen the color run at all.

Here's a few photos from the race:

I love the progression of these photos.  The middle one was after 2 or 3 color stations.

If you have the chance to run this race, DO IT. 

Color Me Rad is coming to San Jose on Sept 1st and I'm already signed up with the roller derby team.  Can't wait!!

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