Friday, September 7, 2012


Joel bought me a small set of frosting tips a while ago.  I got a bug to bake on Wednesday evening and decided to use them.  Yes I was watching the opening NFL game while baking and I had a vodka tonic on the side. 

I found a recipe for small batch cupcakes (who needs 12 when you can make 8?) from Dollhouse Bake Shoppe.  So since the cupcakes were vanilla, I knew the frosting had to be orange.  Go Vols!

I went to the grocery to grab all the ingredients and some dinner and I was off.  The recipe was really simple, though softening the butter is very important.  And I didn't use 1 cup of anything, it was all in smaller measurements.  And being precise is key.  I did end up having to make 2 batches as I overfilled the first ones and they overflowed the tin.  Good thing I had 3 eggs when I started :)

For the frosting, I followed the directions on the food coloring to make orange.  I did put in two sets of the drops though.  I really wanted the orange to stand out.  And of course, shaping them in the T was very important.  Can't wait to taste one.

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