Thursday, September 20, 2012

Row, row, row

I was so happy to go to crossfit yesterday at my normal time of 8a and have nothing to rush off to afterwards.

I didn't check the blog the night before so I did after I turned off the alarm.  Nothing was posted.  Thinking this is odd, I decided that I wanted 5 more minutes of sleep.  And that turned into 10 more minutes, having me rush to get out the door and to the box in time.

I made it just in time to foam roll a few spots on my legs.  And then we were warming up.  I glanced at the board for the WOD.  And there it was.

Row 1k
rest 5 min
Row 500m

Ouch is all I thought of.  We had no lifting portion for today.  We warmed up a bit, practiced our handstands some more.  I'm thinking we'll have some handstand pushups in our future.

I didn't check to see if I had a time to beat.  I completely forgot to look at the board and looking through this blog and my google doc-I don't see a time.  Why wouldn't I have recorded it?  I'll check next week and compare the two.

And then we went over rowing.  Cues the coach might give and why.  We had to split up since we had 6 people in class and only 5 rowers.
My 1k time was 9:10. 
My quads were burning around 400m since I did a spin class yesterday.  I was so happy when I was done.  I just sat on the ground wincing in pain.

My 500m time was 4:01.
I wasn't ready but I had to do it. I was happy with this time, though I know I can do it better.  Soreness isn't an excuse.  I think I could have pushed more.  And listened to the cues better on how to improve my rowing stride.
Next time, row machine, next time.

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