Thursday, September 6, 2012

Friends, Food, Drinks! Oh my!

We headed up to Napa Valley for the weekend for a fabulous wedding.  We first got to our hotel on Saturday afternoon and decided to explore a bit through geocaching.  We found 5-6 caches before calling it an afternoon and heading into the hotel bar for a drink.  We ended up playing cards at the bar for a couple of hours before deciding on heading to Morimoto for dinner that night.  Our reservation was at 10:30pm.  Too late for the omikasa.  Still a great place to dine.

The wedding was gorgeous.  At each table for dinner there was a bottle of Vodka on each table.  And we had cocktail hour before and right after the ceremony.  Needless to say, I was so glad we had a shuttle back to the hotel. At each place setting was 2 wine glasses, champagne glass, water glass and a shot glass.  Dinner was amazing-check out this menu

We danced the night away. And made our way back for brunch the next morning.  It was so great to have a bloody mary on Monday AM.

After the wedding, we headed to Golden Gate Park to do some geocaching before heading to a bar to watch the GA Tech game.  We were there with a friend that went to GA Tech.  The vibe in the bar was amazing....until it went into overtime.  We headed to sushi for dinner in SF and then came home.

Overall it was a great weekend mixed with friends, good food, games, geocaching and drinks.  Can't complain.

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