Friday, September 14, 2012


Today is the let's preorder iPhone 5 to get it on the 21st.

Also, I am teaching at 5:30a this morning so I was up a little earlier to put in my preorder.  You know, before the rest of California was awake.

I switched from blackberry to iphone in August 2011.  I have the iPhone 4.  It's been buggy lately, slow to respond.  Losing calendars and notes.  And a week ago my camera app decides it's taken it's last picture.  Fun, right?  You don't realize how many photos you take with your camera app until you can't.  Major bummer.  I didn't do a full restore since I knew the announcement was coming. 

In other news, we're heading to San Diego this weekend to watch the Titans take on the Chargers on Sunday afternoon.  Can't wait!!!

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