Friday, September 28, 2012

My Tough Mudder Experience

Wow!  That was some experience.  This is a little lengthy as I go over the obstacles. 

I did Tough Mudder NorCal at Northstar in Tahoe.  I forgot about altitude while hiking.  Well forgot about it until I started walking after the start line.

Let's go back...our start time was 8:40a and we left the cabin at 7:30a.  We were 10 mins away and didn't expect the traffic we hit 3 miles from Northstar.  Once we got parked, shuttled over and went up a ski lift, then we hiked down to the registration was well after 8:40a.  We all got our numbers on, faces marked and our before picture taken, we were ready.  We started at 9:40a.  Not too bad considering how many people were there.

First obstacle was after they said go but before the start line.  A wall to climb over.  Right away, people started helping everyone over.  I had heard everyone was nice and helpful for this event and I thought I would see it, didn't expect it so soon or on every obstacle like I did notice.

We had some hiking before we hit the first obstacle.  We also had about 1.5 miles of hiking straight with no obstacles sometime during the day.  I don't recall the obstacles it was between.  I just know that it took all I had to keep walking up that mountain.

Our first obstacle was named Kiss of Mud, we had to crawl through some mud with barb wire over top.  Had to stay low!

Next up was an obstacle where we climbed the ladder and jumped into water.  It was one of the scarier obstacles for me.  I FREAK out in cold water.  I jumped and just swam to the top as quickly as I could and then swam out of the way.  As I was coming up the cargo net, I yelled FUUUUCCCKKK to Joel as to let him know how cold I thought it was.

And then we had Arctic Enema.  An ice bath.  With a wooden plank in the middle where we had to swim under.  And then climb out on the other side.  Burrr!  I still remember how cold that one was.

I believe the gymnastic rings were here.  I grabbed the first one (according to pictures I grabbed it wrong and would never have made it) and fell into the water.  I had a little fun falling into the water here.  (Since water was going to be all over the place-I had to at least attempt to enjoy it.)

And then it was Boa constrictor time.  Just crawl through plastic tunnels with a mud puddle in the middle of them.  With barb wire on top of the mud puddle.  I had to slide like a snake through it.

And then the first of the Berlin Walls.  I'm so grateful for everyone's help over those walls.  Once I was lifted up, I grabbed the top, pulled myself the rest of the way and then just had to jump down.

And then we had electric eel.  Sliding like a snake again with live wires above.  Now there is water in this one and everyone feels everyone else's shocks.  I was really nervous about this one.  It was scary.  I made it through with a few of my own shocks and some from others.  Felt like a muscle twitch.

Next we had Hanging Tough.  We had to get across a body of cold water while balancing on a very thin piece of wood and it got thinner in the middle of the obstacle.  I made it halfway.  We noticed that those with vibrams or strong holds with their hands were able to make it across.

Trench warfare was next.  Just crawling in mud, in the dark underground.  It was a little like a maze but nothing too complicated.

A taller set of berlin walls was next.  Took me a few tries to get over the first one, with lots of help from others.

Next was one set of logs to get over.  I think there were three and you had to go over them.  Running jump!

Log bog jog was next.  Someone mentioned it felt like burpees, up-down under and then back up.

Next was to carry a fellow mudder 100 yards and then switch for another 100 yards.  I carried Joel the first 100 yards with only one rest.  And he carried me with no problem on his portion.

Next were the monkey bars.  I felt like I had no strength at this point to even attempt it.  I went ahead and jumped in the water and swam across.

And then we had mud mile.  Lots of mud puddles waist high with a couple of mud hills to climb over.

I don't remember if the cargo net was before or after the mud mile.  I have never really climbed a net before.  There were other mudders holding the bottom while you climbed up.  You held it while they climbed and then the person behind you held it while you climbed.  Across one net was like 4-5 people climbing at once.  I took the first side fast.  And then at the top, I realized the net started shaking and I didn't know how to get my foot over.  At this point, I got some help and some cheers from the crowd and got done successfully.  

After this was a set of wooden hurdles.  Don't remember the name of it.  I just ran and hopped over each one.

The 2nd to last obstacle was Mt Everst.  Run up a quarter pipe and have someone on top grab your hands/arms to help you up.  I successfully made it on the first try thanks to the strong guys pulling me up.

And then we have electroshock therapy.  Lots of live wires hanging down.  They sent a bunch of us all at once.  I covered my face and ducked down and ran as fast as I could.  I don't think I got shocked on that one.

I think I got all the obstacles.  Between my memory and looking at pictures, I don't think I missed one.

I am glad to have done the course.  I would say I was nervous about all the wrong things.  The hiking up the mountain was by far harder than anything else.

Tough Mudder 2013, anyone? 

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