Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh me oh my

Friday was a great crossfit workout.  I coached from 5:30a to 7:30a and then headed over for my 8a crossfit workout. 

We did push press for the lifting portion of the workout.  And we had a great workout ahead of us.

1 minute on, 30 seconds rest. 10 rounds.
sprint 80m
atlas stone carry for distance

I looked at the workout and dreaded the atlas stone carry.  I completed 7-80m walks with the stone in the 10 minutes.  560m with the atlas stone of 10(think it in the 40# range).  

I took each sprint as hard as I could.  Some were slower than others, particularly in the end.  And carrying objects is way harder than it looks.  It wears you out quickly.  The rest in between the rounds was very welcomed.  And felt too short.

This week along with my bootcamp classes that I'm teaching I have a spin + core class on Tuesday AM and I'm planning to go for a run this week...distance is undetermined.  And I have a crossfit workout on Wednesday.  And on Saturday I'm doing Tough Mudder.  I can't believe it's here and I'm actually doing it.  Can't wait!

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