Friday, June 22, 2012


Oh me oh my.  Crossfit was all kettlebells today.  I don't remember the last named wod I did.  Here is one I've never heard of until it was on the website last night when I checked out what I was in for at 7am on Friday.

Front squat – 83%x3x5
Press – 83%x3x5

“The Chesley”


6 Kb push press
6 each Kb rack lunge
6 double kb swing

I didn't get to use double kettlebells.  We didn't have enough of the same size for everyone to have doubles.  So I used one single (14kg) and switched hands every other round. I finished in 7 mins.  I was stunned a little that it went that quickly and I had to make sure I counted correctly.  It was tough.

I then went on to check out a local bootcamp at 9am.  It was a mix of strength and cardio circuit training.  It was a great workout and I suddenly felt like I should have paced those out a little better than back to back.  

Here's to the weekend!

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