Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Warm Up 1000m row!?!

Since I'm heading to Vegas tomorrow night, I headed to crossfit this AM.  They usually post the workout sometime the day before and I'm good about checking it so I know what is in store for me.  I didn't check it pre dinner last night until I got to the box today.

Deadlift – 75%x3x1

200m farmers carry
row 500m

Once I did view it this morning when my alarm went off way to early and I was sleepily getting dressed, and I thought not too bad.  I don't like the farmers carry but it's only 200m.  

Well class started and I was promptly told we'd warm up with a 1000m row.  WTF!?!?!  Who warms up with that.  We were told to view watts and meters and the coach would call out different watts to hit and maintain.  I was dreading this 1000m row.  I couldn't believe we were doing this.

About 8 mins later we were done.  It went very quickly-I was focused on those watts and noticed the meters just inching down.   I have no idea what the real time was but it was a great warm up for our muscles and I was actually glad I did it.

Now back to the actual workout posted:

Deadlift – 75%x3x1 (150#)

200m farmers carry (16kg each hand)
row 500m

I was done in 4:50.  Pretty impressed that I didn't put down the kb while on the farmers carry.  I struggled a little and just held my shoulders higher and more open.  The row kicked my butt.  I went all out and didn't stop until it past the 500 mark.  

I was exhausted.  Later, I'm attending a 30 min run prior to a strategy session (for our next game) for derby tonight.  Since our rink is being resurfaced, we can't skate or scrimmage tonight.  My favorite day for derby is usually Wednesday since we scrimmage those nights.

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