Friday, June 15, 2012

Pinterest, slow cooker and dessert oh my!

I am obsessed with using my slow cooker.  I want to use it for everything.  And through this pin I found-I made a dessert with my slow cooker. I find making dinner in the slow cooker yields plenty of left overs for Joel and I.  And with desserts, I can always send them with Joel to share with co-workers or take them on our Tahoe trip and hope that everyone enjoys them after a day on the mountain.

Chocolate covered peanut clusters were really easy to make.  I was out running errands one day and decided to make it.  I was at Target and not a regular grocery store so my ingredients didn't match the original recipe.  Though I feel it turned out just as great.


1 jar of dry roasted peanuts salted
2 packages of premier white chips
1 package of milk chocolate chips
1 package of peanut butter chips
1 package of ghirardelli chocolate

And here's what it looked like after I layered the chocolates with the peanuts.  I cooked it on LOW for 3:30.  

I read on another recipe that you should check it after 2 hours and here's what it looked like.

And then I let it sit for 20 mins after turning the heat off after 3:30 and I went to town scooping out the clusters onto wax paper.

This was the part I was worried about-as the original instructions were just scoop out.  I didn't know what to use or how big to make them.  As soon as I got going on the first couple I was able to gauge how big to make them.   I used regular table spoons for scooping.

And here's a close up shot of them-while letting them cool

After letting them cool for 4 hours I decided it was time to taste one and put them in containers for Tahoe and another container for Joel to bring to his co workers.  They were great!

I've made this several times since then and have heard that it's a little too chocolatey.  Next time, I'll add in more peanuts and maybe half a bag less of chips.

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