Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesdays are tough

So after a long weekend in Vegas and arriving home after midnight on Sunday, I didn't think to change my crossfit workout from Monday AM to Wednesday AM....needless to say that I slept through that alarm and only got in roller derby on Monday.

Today, however, I was ready for crossfit.  I might wake up sleepy and be slow moving but once I'm there, I'm ready to lift and knock out whatever exercise that is prescribed for the day.

Deadlift – 88%x3x3 (103#)  I went a little light-I have a game coming up and wanted to make sure my form was very good to not have a sore back.

Ring dips – 3x7 


6 DB (hang power) clean & jerk (I did 20# db in each hand)
6 pull-ups

This workout was tough.  I finished in 7:28. I'm new to the dumbbell clean & jerk and need way more practice on the jerk part.  I think I was mixing some sort of push press in with a jerk.  The coach kept correcting me and I think out of 30 reps, I got 10 right.  Though coach did say my clean was really good.  So I patted myself on the back for that one :)

Tonight is the last practice before our game.  I'm hoping we scrimmage to get a few kinks out before Saturday. 

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