Friday, August 31, 2012

Another crossfit week

I finally made it to two crossfit workouts in one week.  Weeee!  We're not doing much olympic lifting these couple of weeks so it's a lot of work on other skills.

Wednesday was handstands.  I did well with a wall and a spotter.  Even rolled out of a few with a spotter.

Our WOD was ridiculous.
20 handstand push-ups*
400m farmers carry
50 burpees

I finished in 12:30.  Super proud of this time.  50 burpees!?!?!? That was my initial reaction.  And then I realized that farmer's carry was the worst of all movements.  Wait, who am I kidding?  It was all tough. 
*yes these were scaled.   Let me explain this modification to you.  We used boxes, yes those used in box jumps.  And were in a handstand while our feet were on the top.  I drew this picture for you.  I'm no artist.  Your body makes an upside down V and you make a tripod with your head as you go down into the push up.  It's hard. 

Friday was rope climb.  Fun!  

Our coach showed us a few ways to climb the rope, mostly with our legs and one with our arms.  I did manage to climb the rope twice.  And we reviewed handstands.  I'm feeling comfortable actually staying in a handstand (with a spot, of course).

Our WOD:

5 rounds

10 single-arm overhead squat (5 each)
15 kettlebell swing
20 ABMAT sit-up

I practiced the OH squat with 20# and was fine on the right side.  My left side, however, I couldn't hold overhead while squatting.  My left shoulder is so tight (need a massage) that I had to go down to 10# for the WOD.  

The WOD was still tough and I felt as though it was never ending.  I finished in 11:27.   

Now it's time to shower and heat my shoulder.  And book a massage.  Happy Friday!

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