Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Spin Me Right Round

Spin.  I've taught 3 spin classes in the last two weeks.  It's been way more fun than I thought it would be.

The first class was the most stressful.  Would they like me?  Would they like my music?  Would I give too many or too few cues?  Would they leave in the middle? 

Thankfully I learned a lot that first class.  One, I didn't have enough music for the amount of time allotted.  It wasn't a normal 60 min spin class.  It was 70 minutes and I programmed too few songs prior to stretching.  And I looked at my phone way too much. 

The 2nd class a week later was much smoother.  I heard compliments on my music.  And everyone left sweating.  Today's class was great as well.  I tried to get it fast moving and upbeat.  I picked mostly rock and roll songs.  And got many of comments that these songs were before my time.

I'm not scheduled to sub this class anymore.  Though I have some more on the books and I think I'll stick with rock and roll and maybe add in some top 40 hits to another one.  And I know, I know no country. :)

I programmed tons of hills.  I heard this class, 6:30am, likes a nice tough ride.  And I hope I delivered.

Here is a preview of my playlist:

What's your favorite spin song to get you up those hills?

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