Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back on the crossfit wagon

I was not so excited to head to crossfit on Monday.  I had to go since I'm only signed up for 2 days a week and I'm working on Friday AM and I'm already signed up for Wednesday AM.

I completed a half marathon on Sunday.  (more details later)  I somehow kept a consistent pace the entire race.  To be honest, I didn't train much.  I thank crossfit for helping me get through this race.

Back to Monday, it looked tough.  I knew I'd take a little longer than most WODs. 

Front squat 65%x3, 74%x3, 83%x3+++, (73#, 79#, 83#)


30 sledgehammer swings (10#)
20 overhead lunge, with hammer
10 ring push-ups

The front squats were great for my sore quads.  I took it easy on the weight to ensure I could get the weight back up instead of falling.  Then we were onto the WOD-now it doesn't sound tough but then you realize it is 5 ROUNDS.  That's a lot.  I started with alternating swings (not preferred by most coaches at my box) since it's easier to switch every swing than after counting half way through.  I was first out of 7 onto the lunges.  Huge surprise!  I was able to complete this whole WOD in 14:16.  We started late and I ended 5 minutes after the class ended and the new class was coming in.  I finished first.  Yes, FIRST.  Who knew.  I'm glad we didn't have burpees though I though with the pushups or lunges someone would pass me and get a lead on those swings.  

In the end, I felt great walking away knowing what I had just completed.  Then I went to teach a bootcamp class where I winced each time I had to demonstrate a squat, lunge, or leg stretch.  And of course, last night was endurance Monday at derby.  We did tons of side shuffles, 50 sit ups and 25 push ups each round.  Off skates I probably went through 7x.  On skates, we got with a partner and we went through 5x again.  Needless to say, my abs are feeling great today.  And push ups are always great! 

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