Friday, August 17, 2012

Sleeping In

I slept through my 2 alarms this morning.  The alarms that were waking me up to teach a class with my manager at 5:30am.  I realized this when my manager called at 5:33a finding out where I was. 

I woke up in an alarmed state to say the least.  I had planned on staying to work out at 6:30 with just her teaching so I still made those plans with her.  She mentioned that the 5:30a class only had 10 bootcampers in it so the need for a 2nd teacher wasn't there. 

So in hindsight, I should have set many, many alarms to wake up on time.  And this was the best scenario to sleep in :/, as there was already a teacher there and not leaving bootcampers to wonder what happened.

Since we were both suppose to be teaching, I helped program the workout for the day.  So I knew what was happening when I showed up at 6:30a.  I was exhausted and sweaty after this workout.

Our main muscles group were chest, shoulder and triceps.  Which included the TRX, picnic benches, dumbbells, tricep dips on a curb, and the agility ladder.  Oh and lots of sprints. 

Now I'll always triple check my 3 alarms that I need for these early morning classes.

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  1. I have a thing with my snooze button. It gets me into trouble way too much...