Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What a weekend!

On Friday, we headed to Folsom for an overnight stay.  Folsom was the site of a triathlon the next day that Joel was in.  We got there around 11pm and noticed we were RIGHT. NEXT. DOOR. to the outlet mall with Nike!  (Spoiler-I didn't end up going).

We woke up around 5:45am to be ready for his 7:45am start.  And headed less than a mile to the park where the triathlon was. 

Since Saturday was also a roller derby double header, we couldn't hang out in Folsom.  Joel volunteered to work the registration booth after his race, and I headed back home to get ready for my game.  My first game started at 6pm though I was assigned to help set up so I had to be there at 2pm.  I left shortly after Joel finished and had a bite to eat.  I needed to get home, changed and back in the car to get to the rink on time.  I had no time after dropping Joel off to shower in the hotel to hit up the stores.  I'm glad I left when I did, I kept hitting patches of unnecessary traffic. 

Joel hit way more traffic than I did once he left after 2:30pm.  He made it to the game (after stopping at home) before half time of the first game.  My teams won both of their games, the 2nd one was a nail biter as we waited 5 minutes after the last whistles for confirmation of the score.  The first game was not such a nail biter as we gained a significant lead in the beginning and never stopped to look back.  I jammed a lot in the first half of the first game.  Then I was blocking a lot in the next half and the following game.  This is the first time I've ever played both games in a double header.  It's exhausting.

We met up with some friends after and had some beer.  We set no alarm on Sunday and just let the sunlight wake us up-it was well before noon when we woke up.  We just didn't leave the house for lunch and errands and a geocaching walk until 1pm.  Sometime on Sunday afternoon, we decided we wanted fish and went to PetSmart to make this happen.  We walked out of the store with a fish tank and instructions on how to set it up but sadly no fish.   We were told to bring a water sample after 24 hours to ensure the water was fit for the fish.

Yesterday we were signed up to take a silk screening class and received notice it was cancelled due to a power outage.  We instead went on another geocahcing walk, dinner with wine and oysters and then to the pet store to pick up fish.  We came home with neon tetras and ghost shrimp.  I'm super excited to have them here and we were told we can come pick up another type of fish next week.

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