Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crushing Red Peppers

Crushed red pepper is a favorite on pizza.

Imagine being able to use all the loot you have from your garden to make your own crushed peppers to put on anything, including pizza.

That's what we did.  Joel was able to have a large garden at our old duplex and we're hoping we'll be able to do this multiple times this upcoming garden season.  Joel planted and picked all the peppers, I dehydrated and crushed them all.  And inhaled way too much pepper at the time.  I actually had the front door open and let the cool breeze in while doing this and then I had to go outside b/c the pepper smell while opening the processor was so strong.

Loot from the garden

Top level of the dehydrator

  2nd level

And it's crushed!!!
And here's how this happened:
Gather all your peppers.  I put them into the dehydrator whole.  I worried about the stems and chopping for once they were dehydrated.  I swapped the layers once in the 48 hour period.  I made sure the larger peppers were ready before removing.  Once dehydrated, remove the stems from the dried peppers and place them in a food processor. Grind the peppers until they become flakes and seeds. Take care not to over-grind the peppers into a powder.

Oh and anytime handling the peppers, wash your hands before touching your face or your nose or your eyes.  I almost had a horrible time but I remembered as my eye started to itch. Eek!

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