Thursday, January 26, 2012

My love of RedBull

Redbull has been in my life for a few years now.  It's crazy how it came to become an everyday thing as seeing as I was never a coffee drinker or that into caffeine.

When we first moved to California I was known as the girl who put coffee in her Bailey's.  I hated the taste of coffee.  This came about during my first trip to Tahoe, it was a girl's weekend to Tahoe before I knew how to snowboard. It was a weekend right after I found out I'd been laid off (the first time) and a time to meet some new people and just enjoy the weekend in the snow.  We spent the day at the mountain checking everything out, snowball fights, cooking, playing games and enjoying the hot tub.  One night we went to Harrah's to go to the club.  We spent the night dancing, chatting and having an all around good time.  It's been a few years now but I'm pretty sure we shut the club down that night.  We had already decided the next morning we'd go tubing at the mountain.  And we already knew you had to be in line early, or you only get two trips down as the line gets long quickly.  So this means a 3am night at the club plus being up at 6am for the ride to the mountain means we will all need caffeine come wake up time.  So not liking coffee and not having tried red bull yet, I did what any other 20 something would do, fill my cup up with Bailey's and add coffee.  It got the job done.  We had a blast at tubing and I'm sure I was filled with the tired sillies all day.

My first introduction to redbull.  I remember a girls' outing for the Sex and the City premiere.  We all met up before hand for some pre-gaming the movie theater.  We made drinks to put in water bottles for the movie-cosmos-what else do you drink while watching Sex and the City?  While we were pre-gaming, my friend offered me redbull and vodka.  Seeing as I had never tried redbull, I was a little iffy about trying it but did it anyway.  (peer pressure)  And I loved it.  It tasted like sweet tarts.  I had fallen in love right there.  So I would occasionally order redbull and vodka while out and about (I wasn't a big drinker and rarely knew what to order while out if I wasn't ordering beer).  Redbull and vodka was my new staple.  Then I would buy redbull at the grocery store.  I can't remember how the switch to sugar free went but know that I will drink either, I just prefer sugar free.  I remember one trip to Tahoe (after learning to snowboard) and we were staying at a casino and I order the redbull + vodka all night.  I soon realized that I shouldn't be drinking this much of it in a day (hey-casinos are handing out free drinks like no one's business and after so many, a girl comes with wise decisions) and decided I would cut back on redbull and nix the redbull + vodka drinks while out at night.   I'll order it every now and then while out (to get wings to make it home at like 2am) and then I'll only order a sugar free redbull. 

And now my addiction is under control, I drink one (maybe two) almost every day.  And not surprising anyone at all, I'm drinking one as I type this now :) 

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