Friday, January 27, 2012

Know when to fold

One of the things I was looking forward to the most when we moved was getting a new bed.  A brand new King bed.  For some reason, I'd always wanted a king sized bed to roll around (and not fall off).

So once we knew we were moving, Joel obliged and said we could get a king.  Since we're in California, the next question was Eastern King or Cal King.  (so many choices)  So we spent a Saturday in December laying on beds....laying on beds that sucked (cough, cough I don't like memory foam) and then laying on beds that felt great for the 2 minutes I laid on them.  We went to the 2 bigger chains in the area and laid on numerous beds.  We finally decided on one from each store but also decided since we were heading home from Christmas to New Year's, we should wait until we get back to make the purchase.

So this Saturday we went to purchase the new bed.  We knew what bed we wanted and we knew we needed a new bed frame-complete with headboard and footboard.  And some new night stands.  It's like we're adults now! So we laid on a few more beds to make sure we had decided and the sales lady even mentioned (like the first sales guy) to not get softest one b/c as time goes on it'll only get softer.  So we made the decision of getting the next one.  And then to discuss color of the furniture.  We decided pretty quickly that I like the sleigh bed and we should get one.  Joel mentioned wanting drawers in the frame but a sleigh bed without the foot sleigh just didn't look right to us.  The sleigh bed was in stock and had night stands to go with it.  Easy, right?  We went with the Eastern King as the extra length on the Cal King isn't that beneficial for us.  And extra room on the sides appealed to me at the time. Joel ended up bargaining with her and we got 2 free bean bag chairs for our loft area at the same time.  That room's furniture is done!! 

So we set up delivery for Sunday, during the Niners/Giants championship game.  What were we thinking?  Joel was going to the game and since I had practice I just asked that they get here before 4pm so I could get to practice on time.  During the game I got a phone call, yippee I thought-they are thirty minutes away.  Nope, the truck blew a tire and wouldn't be able to deliver until tonight.  Well we all know that's not going to work.  Who knows what time Joel would be home from the game and I'd be at practice.  So we set something up for Monday morning and I couldn't wait.  We only had one more night with our mattress, one that Joel has had since college. 

On Monday when they arrived, I couldn't wait to have the new bed in place.  I'd prop my laptop on my lap and I'd never leave the room.  And then I noticed, the bed and sleigh frame took up the whole room.  And I mean the whole room.  I told Joel I was a little worried about it and I'd wait until he got home to figure out our options.  I felt sad.  All I really wanted was a king size bed.  Once we were both home on Monday night, we decided it was too big and we'd need to downsize the frame and possibly the mattress.  I knew it was the right decision to downsize the mattress as we barely had any room to walk in the room. 

On Tuesday I went back to the store to figure out our options and get a replacement ASAP.  And they worked with me as they have heard it before, show room beds look smaller and our room looked bigger.  Lesson learned-always measure before buying furniture.  So the new frame we were getting isn't in stock and can take up to 2 weeks to be in stock and then they'd have to call to set up delivery.  And we downsized to a queen.  On the plus side, we're keeping the original night stands.  They have 3 drawers and the top one has 4 plugs in it to charge things and a night light on the bottom of it.  I like having the 4 plugs without having to use a power strip though one will be needed when i get a lamp and an alarm clock on my night stand as there is a separate plug for the light on the bottom of the nightstand.  So now we wait for our new bed.

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