Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photo Challenges

I love taking photos.  I sometimes forget my camera and that is when I have the urge to take more photos.  I've started reminding myself that pictures are always worth it.

There are many photo challenges that I've come across that start tomorrow.  I've tried the 365 photo challenge and didn't make it til the end. 

I've noticed two that actually caught my attention and might try to do them simultaneously.  The first one is from Undomestic Diva (she's a hoot on Twitter)
It's a Friend Photo a day Challenge.  I love Friends.  I just don't/can't quote Friends as well as others.

And the other one has been floating around Pinterest and Twitter-my fear with the next one is that my view sometimes never changes as I'm working part time out of the house and always staring at the computer screen :)

I'll probably tweet these and then make an album on facebook once the challenge is over.  I need to print these so I know what my challenge is each day.

Anyone with me?

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