Monday, January 16, 2012

Losing it...

So I'm pretty obsessed with what I look like and how I feel.  And instead of complaining about it, I'm doing something about it again.

Joel and I have signed up for Jenny Craig again.  We went in Aug 2007 thru March 2008.  I started in August 2007 at 171 lbs (gasp!) and ended in March 2008 at 137.  34 lbs lost and I felt amazing.  And since then, I've run 1 full marathon, 4 half marathons in 2009, 2009 had an Olympic Triathlon and multiple sprint triathlons in 2009 and 2010.  I've been playing roller derby since January 2010.  And during this time my weight started to creep back on...and I worked out more.  I also tried to adjust my eating habits.  Eating is my weakness.  I eat socially and a little emotionally.  And I can never say no to french fries.  So I guess I should figure out some portion control. 

So on Nov 1 Joel and I weighed in.  I weigh 145lbs.  That means in 3 or so years, I've pretty much maintained my weight and have 8 lbs on my original goal weight.  Now I've been doing crossfit for about 2.5 months and have lost a pants size.  I feel great and everyone says I look great.  Though that number on the scale won't budge.  And I'd like to see myself below 140 so I put my goal as 125.  I have 20 lbs til goal.  She also took my body fat % and it was 28.2%.  According to Wikipedia, average woman's body fat % is 25-31%, fitness woman is 21-24% and an athletic body fat % is 14-20%.  I don't see the need to get this lower than 20%.

I know eating right will give me the push to get off of this weight plateau and see the scale budge.  They even have this device called BodyMedia that can help track your physical activity (think BodyBugg made famous by Biggest Loser).  I'm so glad Joel and I got this-this will tell me how many calories I'm burning at crossfit and hopefully at derby and how much I actually need to eat.  I'm going to figure out if I can wear this while scrimmaging or just while in pace lines.  We'll see :)  It also tracks your sleep patterns, steps taken and how vigourous your activity was.

And something that I've figured out is that the more you workout the more you might need to eat.  This is not a common thought as you think calories out mean you undo the calories in.  The BodyMedia is helpful as to let you know your calorie deficit and knowing which days to help you with this.  And through Jenny Craig I've figured out which are the healthy fats and how much fiber I need to eat and how much less salt is needed in my diet.  For someone that doesn't usually salt her food, I've been intaking it way too much.  I need to get a handle on that.  And of course, everyone needs to drink more water.

Happy Eating Healthy!

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