Friday, January 13, 2012


As part of this new year, I've decided I wanted to start a blog. I've attempted many times to start and keep a blog-but something always happens and I quit updating it.

This is my new year's resolution. To have a blog. Wish me luck.

I've just moved into a house from a duplex and have tons of organizing and unpacking and purchasing of new furniture to keep me super busy. I'm currently trying to find a way to maximize our linen closet as we only have one for two bathrooms and not enough shelves for everything. I bought baskets to put medicine and towels in them-I've yet to actually do this.

I'm also busy with roller derby. I skate with a local team and this is the beginning of my third season. I recently made a roster for a tournament and I'm super excited and nervous. We have 3 games in one weekend and have to travel for it. This is HUGE!!! I've been making sure to get my workouts in and I've been working out 2x some days since August. Running hasn't been a priority lately since I started crossfit. And I know running helps with my endurance so I know I need to get out there and run. I've run 1x a week since the new year. I need to either up the mileage or run at least 2x a week.

I've recently started to really enjoying cooking-not the one pot meals but really cooking. You know, taking time to buy fresh ingredients and the white plates to make the meal look clean and appetizing. Since I've coming into this, I've realized that you don't need to have huge portions of anything b/c you don't need to walk away from dinner so full. We haven't cooked like that in a little while-with the move and the holidays we just haven't found the time. We need to make sure we are making the time for that b/c we enjoy it so much.

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