Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So like many other ladies (and some guys) I've become obsessed with Pinterest.  I think it has a lot to do with just having moved into a bigger place and just the overall, I want to be crafty.  So I've started pinning things here and there with hopes one day, I'd get around to making it.  To my surprise, I accomplished 3 of these pins this past weekend.  I'm starting small so I actually accomplish it, and I'll eventually tackle the bigger pins that I've been coming across.

The first one was this one- http://pinterest.com/pin/210754457531874419/

I didn't have a large enough mason jar so I used what I had on hand as I cleaned out all of my purses.  I have a really bad habit when I switch purses to put the stuff I don't need into another purse and then back in the box.  So I've accumulated lots of receipts and other random stuff so I went through all of it and put all of the tickets I found in a jar we had from making our own fruit vokda.  So until I get a large jar-this will have to do for now.

And then I decided this was a great idea to always have green onions on hand (already chopped)- http://pinterest.com/pin/210754457531896633/

When Joel and I make recipes, they sometimes call for green onions, and it's usually not the whole bunch we buy.  We end up storing it in the fridge, forgetting we have it or not cooking the rest of the week and it's in the trash as it goes bad.  So this weekend while Joel was making soup and hamachi shooters last night for dinner, I thought this was a great time to put this pin to use.  I had been saving this water bottle from earlier in the week for this pin.  Little did I know, I would use it so soon.  He did use more green onion than we normally do so the bottle didn't fill up.  It was easy to do as long as you have a bottle around, and I'm sure you can use anything but this seems so perfect.

And I'm in love with infinity scarves, so I decided to check my closet and make my own- http://pinterest.com/pin/210754457531905487/

This is as easy as it sounds and looks.  I've had this scarf for a long time and don't wear it as often b/c it's on the longer side so I was so glad to find this tutorial.  I love the color as pink will go with anything that I wear and I think putting a scarf with an outfit completes it.  And as I go through the rest of my closet I hope to find a few more to make.

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