Monday, January 23, 2012

Hamachi Shooters

While we were in Memphis in July, we got together with Ellen (Joel's mom) to cook.  We had done these hamachi shooters before and loved them so much, we wanted to share them with her. These are an inspiration from Alexander's Steakhouse in Cupertino, Ca.  We also did porkchops over quinoa and a broccoli slaw on top of the porkchop.  The broccoli slaw was pre-made from Whole Foods and we added some cilantro and scallions to it.

We started with a nice glass of wine prior to cooking anything.  Then we got to work on the hamachi shots.

(Side note from posting food posts: take one photo with all ingredients)

chopping the cilantro

avocado and scallions

seasame seeds


yummy jalapenos

ponzu sauce

2 shooters per person...we didn't have shot glasses

pork chops ready to go in oven, with scallions, butter and salt and pepper on top

broccoli slaw with our additions

finished dish-so yummy

close up of the hamachi shooter-delicious
Here is the recipe we used to get an idea for ours....Joel and I hate truffle oil so we left it out.

Hamachi/Salmon Shooters

Serve in porcelain spoons or shot glasses
1/2 pound sashimi grade hamachi (yellow tail tuna) or Sake (salmon);
1 scallion (green onion) cut thinly on the bias - only the white part;
1 jalapeno, cut cross-wise;
1 knob of fresh ginger, sliced thinly (use vegetable peeler) and cut in to 3mm-wide pieces then fried until crispy in vegetable oil (or some other neutral-flavoured oil)
1 cup yuzu ponzu sauce;
Sea salt;
Truffle oil
1 small bunch of micro-greens (preferably Mizuna)
Place 1 tsp of yuzu ponzu in each serving spoons;
Add a small pinch of mizuna (or other micro-green);
Add slices of sashimi fish (cut at angle, against the grain of the fish);
add one slice of Jalapeno;
add one piece of fried ginger;
add sprinkle of sea salt;
add two to three drops of truffle oil
Serve immediately.

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